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A Better Source Platform For Conscious Living | Eclectic Trends

1// CONSCIOUS LIVING Now that is a fantastic place and directory! A Better Source is a directory of environmentally conscious resources for planet-loving designers & businesses. Why does consumer waste matter? What is circular design? Which resource (packaging) do I need for my next project or product? If these are a few questions you have, […]

The powerful design pieces by Aldo Bakker

The powerful design pieces by Aldo Bakker

Dutch artist Aldo Bakker has recently showcased some of his powerful and original design pieces at the Carpenters Workshop Gallery in New York. “Powerful, elegant and filled with personality, Aldo’s furniture brings a new perspective, not seen before in the design space” said gallery co-founder Loic Le Gaillard in a project statement. Hard not to […]

The modern craftsmanship of studio Agnes collection

Eclectic Trends | The modern craftsmanship of studio Agnes collection

This is why we want to share the modern craftsmanship of studio Agnes furniture collection: 1//In a nutshell: Guatemala city-based studio Agnes was founded at the end of 2016 by designers Estefanía de Ros and Gustavo Quintana as a multidisciplinary studio focused on designing and creating furniture, objects, and spaces that live in the gray area between […]

Barcelona Style: Paloma Wool

I am back from London and my trend presentation which I love to share with you. But first, I will give the Trend Talk at the Blogger Brunch on September, 21st and publish then some trends for AW 2016/17. Today, I’d like to share some more inspiration from my home town.What is new here that I […]

Travel treasures: Ten Over Six, Los Angeles

So, yes, I am in Los Angeles now! I had some me-time before the Modenus Blog Tour I have been invited to kicks off on Tuesday afternoon and we went with Geraldine to discover some hot spots suggested by the cool guys from Bookmarc.  Ten Over Six is a kind of concept store gathering all things beautiful […]

Aymie Spitzer and her beautiful wooden maps

Aymie Spitzer is a graphic designer living in Brooklyn, New York. Neighborwoods is a personal project she has created through working at Hyperakt, an independent design studio from NYC. The response has been so positive that Neighborwoods is now her full time venture with 22 maps, other products such as coasters, skate desks or key chains (view them […]