When actual dreams become 3D art by Studio Brasch

Eclectic Trends | Studio Brasch-When dreams become 3D art

Probably one of the most attractive features about 3D rendering is the fact that you can freely imagine and create moods with little to no restrictions, translate these into places and objects and just play until it feels right. This exact freedom of playfulness is a great asset for a designer, but also a very […]

Modernism-inspired digital art by Alexis Christodoulvou

This is why we’d like to share the Modernism-inspired digital scenes by Alexis Christodoulvou: 1// In a nutshell: The modernism-inspired scenes created by self-taught Alexis Christodoulou represents a creative outlet for the South African digital artist during an intense period of his life. Copywriter at an agency and wine maker at his family winery, Christodoulou got […]

Surrealistic Post-Soviet design inspired by Brutalism

Eclectic Trends | Surrealistic Post Soviet atmosphere in Supaform Yalta Foyer

This is why we’d like to share the Brutalism inspired Yalta foyer series by Supaform: 1// In a nutshell: Yalta foyer is a series of 3d illustrations and drawings by creative studio Supaform. The main task of the images is not to make illustrations, but rather to analyze and visualize impressions and memorable artistic images accumulated during […]

Barcelona Style: Visual Poetry with Six N. Five

Six N Five Digital Art via Eclectic Trends

After discovering a series of 5 short movies produced for Massimo Dutti (must-watch!) last year, we have been on the lookout for Barcelona based studio Six N.Five and their creative and poetic visual work. Apart from working on both advertising and editorial commissions, Andres Reisinger and Ezequiel Pini also find time to create experimental work specializing […]

Everyday objects translated into a 3D RUBIK world

Everyday objects translated into rubik. by Moli Studio via Eclectic Trends

We are glad to feature another stunning project by the Buenos Aires based studio Molistudio, still fascinated by their visual storytelling. If you have not, please hop over to the color study which has been very popular on Eclectic Trends. This time we’d love to feature everyday objects translated into a fascinating 3d rubik world. […]

How to translate seasons into color in interior design?

How to translate seasons and their color into interior design vey Moli Studio via Eclectic Trends

I stumbled upon this project of How to translate seasons into color in interior design concepts by Buenos Aires based design studio Moli Studio this summer. I am all ware about 3D projects and technical advances having worked and styled myself a larger project in 2016 and discussing with clients often whether to photograph or […]