Hack Care – A DIY style book for dementia-friendly homes

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The title in itself is already something; however, this is not a product made by IKEA , but it comes inspired by the Swedish lifestyle IKE offers. Hack Care - A DIY stylebook for dementia-friendly homes has been designed by Singapore’s philanthropic foundation Lien. You will find creative modifications that help people living with dementia facilitate their every day in their homes. Styled …

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DIY Hanging Light Bulb Decorations

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Hello dear Eclectic Trend readers! It’s Mette from monsterscircus and I’m popping in to share the last Eclectic Trend DIY with you this year. The project today is really easy and requires no more than simple creativity and whatever supplies you have on hand. Whether you have decorated the Christmas tree and hung out decorations or haven’t started yet there’s time …

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DIY Japanese Inspired Wind Chimes

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Hello dear Eclectic Trend readers and hello October from Mette and monsterscircus. Ready for fall, northern hemisphere-rs? I’ve always had a thing for wind chimes and with the windy days I had to give it a try. Oooh that soothing and melodious sound - and the fact that you in most cases can make your DIY wind chimes using material you can find around …

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