Top 5: Best Of 2020

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As this special year comes to an end, please enjoy a round-up of highlights in which we revisit your most popular topics and pages. Color is still the main driver and has been now for a few years. I'm happy to see how much joy and influence color brings. In fact, in 2021, we are opening a new color chapter on Eclectic …

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Brave Ground – Color Of The Year 2021 By Dulux

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The season of paint color trends for next year starts as per today with the first Color Of The Year 2021 by Dulux who presents Brave Ground. Think of the feeling of being surrounded by clay, soil, or sand and the need for down-to-earth decisions and environments. Think of a timeless hue, easy to combine, one that makes you feel …

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4 Color Trends 2018 by Dulux Australia

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This is probably the most awaited release for us because not only the colors but the styling and photography is excellent! The 4 Color Trends 2018 By Dulux Australia forecast the color we are going to see and most likely use in the coming year. The guiding theme for the 2018 interiors colors is ‘balance’, with an emphasis on connection and community.     I have …

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