Earth Color Styling with Tina Hellberg

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Today we'd like to show you some more evidence of how influential one of our all-time favorite trends Earth Color Trend AW2016/17 has become. This story of Earth Color Styling with Tina Hellberg tracks back what we predicted already a year and a half ago. Stylist Tina Hellberg's work for Elle Decoration reflects a rich earthy palette in a tone-in-tone style …

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Former caves are converted into contemporary interiors in Italy: La Dimora di Metello

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Today we have the most gorgeous example of a successful mix of contemporary interiors and antique walls. If - at first glance - this looks like a cave to you, then you are right! It does, because these used to be ancient housings. Located in Matera, a southern - italian village, this town is world famous for cave-dwellings. Carved thousands of …

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