ITS TRENDING: The Rise Of CBD Based Products(Free Report)


We’re happy to share today a free trend report and download of It’s trending: The rise of CBD based products. Taking into consideration how much CBD based products have been booming during 2019, it was about time to dedicate a few lines today. Let’s start with some background data. The market of CBD and hemp has […]

Black Friday: Free Ebook 6 Dimensions of Conscious Living

Free Ebook 6 Dimensions of Conscious Living and Well-Being-Eclectic Treends

The ebook 6 Dimensions of Conscious Living & Well-Being has been for a long time in our minds. When working on our Trend Report CEREMONY 2020/21  we analyzed different angles we believe are part of a more conscious living and well-being.  We’d like to offer during a time-limited period: this extensive digital ebook with +70 […]

IT’S TRENDING: The Lab Style (Free Report)

Free PDF-It's Trending-The Lab Style

Why is clinical design in architecture, interior & product design so on-vogue leading us to a Lab Trend? Let’s put three relevant fields that deliver similar patterns under the microscope. But before we analyze the beauty, food and digital world, a few more words on common characteristics we see in this trend. The trend main […]