3 Christmas Trends 2016 – Get your free ebook!

3 Christmas Trends 2016 - The free ebook via Eclectic Trends.pag

This year instead of highlighting craft or decorating ideas such as wreath, brush bottle trees, etc, I have wrapped up all information in 3 styles or if you prefer, trends. Though that’s not the same concept, the 3 Christmas Trends 2016 refer to  different ways of living the Christmas season mostly influenced by its origin. You’ll […]

Free Ebook on 13 Creative Mood Board Ideas

ebook 10 creative ways to create a moldboard

EBOOK UPDATE:    It’s 2019, and we have a new version of the still so popular ebook. Click on the image now to get access to the newest ebook version.   What else could you do? Come to the @moodboardacademy on IG for tips on mood board techniques, student’s work, and see a few images […]