Combining Art Nouveau and contemporary design

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One of the principles that trends are based on is, that things need to be approved by a large group of people. Once a trend has become mainstream, there is hardly anyone who can escape it - either you are influenced directly or on a subconscious level. We can spot similar developments in the past when looking at the period …

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How Minerals illuminate interiors: The Margot Molyneux Shop

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Natural stones give endless possibilities to illuminate interiors with essential colors! Looking back to one of our last posts on the personal research of Lost Marbles, we can see, that minerals have been used for centuries in interiors and exteriors. Additionally, there are apparently unlimited varieties of natural stones and this is why we would love to introduce this gorgeous store …

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Casa Flora by Diego Paccagnella

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Once you are obsessed with Italian Design, you will recognize a common red thread and immediately refurbish your entire home.  This is what happened when we stumbled upon this holiday apartment featuring more than 20 Italian companies that have produced tailor-made pieces to furnish the interiors. Would you like to spend your next Venice vacation in style? Casa Flora' s short-term rental …

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Earthy chalky colors in a Netherland’s home

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The first thought, when seeing these stunning interiors was: look at that chandelier hanging in the fireplace! It is a little hidden but the eye was led to this swinging masterpiece. Not only because it is put out of context and hung at a place so unusual, but also because all of the surrounding colors direct the eye to it. …

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Spectacular vintage loft in London 

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We are back today with a reveal of a spectacular vintage loft in London - a very beautiful apartment we have found over on the location scout site Airspace Locations. And it was impossible to stick to our 'no more than six pics' rule this time! Location scout sites are not only a photographer’s dream come true when browsing interesting interiors! We …

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The colorful workspace of Masquespacio

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Today we are excited to show you the colorful workspace of Masquespacio, an award-winning design agency that is based in Valencia, Spain and was founded by Ana Milena Hernández Palacios and Christophe Penasse in 2010. Reading this, we can assume, that you are someone to follow the newest trend reports. Simply by looking on how the founders present themselves on their …

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