The Three-Step Program For Moodboarding with Strategy

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THE THREE-STEP PROGRAM   Three is a magical number. Throughout the years working in larger corporations or having set up my own company in recent years, I've used a three-step program very often, it kind of works for me. Here go the three phases: 1. Analysis It's the moment to identify needs, pain points, objectives, possible objections, opportunities, solutions, and benefits of your project. You can work …

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[Pre-Sale] How To Create A Mood Board As A Business Tool

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Create A Memorable Client's Experience In A 3-Step Program     Today is a special day because the knowledge I've been practiced, cherished, and shared for many years with so many creative souls finally sees the light all bundled as an online course. Isn't it amazing when you see all your experience in one place? This digital era can be really gratifying. I believe …

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We are launching today! How To Create A Well Structure Mood Board – The Video Course

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I can't believe we did it! We could probably write a book about the production process with all the learnings so far. But here it is! Our first ever video online course on How To Create A Well Structure Mood Board. Pre-sales has exceeded pretty much all our expectations, and I am really happy! The English version is out now (Spanish …

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