Why Round Shapes Spark Joy And 5 Examples Of Chubbiness

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Designer and author Ingrid Fetell Lee, who has been researching joy for ten years, shares in her TED Talk Where joy hides and how to find it that neuroscientists have discovered a reaction to why round shapes spark joy and make us feel good. There is no surprise that aesthetics change people's attitudes and mood; forms and shapes are just one part …

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Faye Toogood x Birkenstock 1774

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We are a huge fan of Faye Toogood and her approach to volume. As a multidisciplinary designer, one of her greatest skills is to integrate a design vision across different typologies and still be recognized. She has teamed up with Birkenstock 1774 to enter the luxury fashion market. Cork, quilted leather, and canvas are the three materials she picked as her signature. …

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Faye Toogood for Mulberry new store concept

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Faye Toogood, the renowned interior designer, has been appointed by luxury British brand Mulberry to co-create their new store concept in London together with their Creative Director Johnny Coca. The rich and opulent space embodies a new shopping experience where a warmer atmosphere created by the tactile environment welcomes customers and encourage them to engage and enjoy the store. Toogood played upon …

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The soft atmosphere of Faye Toogood’s renovation project

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This is why we’d like to share Faye Toogood’s renovation project: 1// In a nutshell: Faye Toogood’s work is a continuous source of inspiration since she left The World of Interiors magazine in 2007 and opened her London-based studio where she has been working on design, interiors and sculptures. Her approach is honest, deeply rooted in the process of craftsmanship and based …

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Faye Toogood’s eclectic home in London

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 Faye Toogood's home has been a real surprise to me. I thought it would be quirky and expressive however it looks much more classic in a way than I thought. Not in the sense of a conventional classic style, the more you observe the images and the objects she collects, the more interesting it gets. Photography by Henry Bourne| Via T-Magazine Faye is …

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