Day 4+5: Highlights Milan Design Week 2018

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These are the projects that stand out the most for me which talk about flexibility (1+2) and tactility, two ongoing themes that will stay for us a while: 1// BUILT BY ALL BY STUDIOMAMA X MINI LIVING   Studiomama has been transforming for MINI LIVING an industrial space into a dynamic dwelling for a community to enjoy.Each unique living is equipped with a totem …

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Iwan Pol – How to soften concrete

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Concrete has seen in the past two years a huge influx of applications influenced by many DIY projects that were popping up with a focus on small furniture and accessories. But it still always had a rather industrial feel, heavy and permanent. Concrete is probably is one of the most widely used man-made materials still today, but its look&feel often falls short of …

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4 Interior Design Trends 2018/19 by Finsa

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I am excited to share 4 Interior Design Trends 2018/19 by Finsa, and if you are on our newsletter list, you can win the printed version which comes in 5 individual booklets. It's open world-wide, and we are giving away five copies. But before we dive into these trends, let us introduce you to Spanish wooden manufacture Finsa: they are …

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4 Interior Design Trends for 2016

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I'd love to show you today Four Interior Design Trends 2016 that have been developed by London based agency Global Color Research for a dear client. Wet met last summer at the European trend panel GCR is hosting every year, and I am very lucky to work with them on a few very inspiring projects now (I'll show you soon a …

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