Plant-version novelty at IKEA’s in-store restaurant: The meatball goes green

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Did you know that IKEA counts for one of the world’s largest restaurant chains? Surprising yet logic. You might have heard though that Ikea sells each year more than a billion meatballs at its in-store restaurants. Few things are as synonymous with IKEA as the Swedish meatballs. Committed to going greener as a brand in all areas and be "climate positive" by …

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Marije Vogelzang’s sensorial installation for Caesarstone

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Today we want to show you Marije Vogelzang's sensorial installation for Caesarstone created for their 2019 Designer Program dedicated to the thoughtfulness of design, food production and consumption, and how it translates into human connection. Marije Vogelzang's installation debuted at the Interior Design Show (IDS) 2019 in Toronto. Entitled “Seeds”, it focused on the thoughtfulness we should have in our kitchens …

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