ASPACE, how to fuse architectural elements with art and craftsmanship

ASPACE an art and design Studio | Eclectic Trends

Anna Aristova and Roza Gazarian are designers and co-founders of ASPACE, an art and design studio based in New York City. Their collaboration started in 2016 with the attempt to bring in the timeless beauty of nature to the contemporary lifestyle. Their last collection is the result of this desire, and one can say they […]

Three styles in one: NORR11

He aquí la marca danesa NORR11 que refleja el estilo Bauhaus combinado con una clara influencia de orígenes escandinavos.Pero lo que más me gusta es cuando se aprecia también una cierta tendencia a diseño y trabajo artesano del suroeste asiático. ¡Que mezcla tan interesante! Danish brand NORR11 features the classic Bauhaus style and they are […]