Giveaway Plant Tribe Book

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We will probably spend much time indoors now, why not fact-checking how we can enhance our lives with our green buddies? It's the perfect timing for this giveaway of the Plant Tribe Book, or should we say self-care guide? Because this is what at the end very much this book is about. Igor Josifovic and Judith Joelix, creators of @urbanjungleblog and …

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Giveaway City Quitters Book by Karen Rosenkranz

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The dynamics of the cities and how week, after week, people keep populating them searching for a better life is a popular topic. But what about the opposite? City Quitters: where people go after the city? How is their life once they abandoned the concrete jungle? Karen Rosenkranz is an ethnographer and trend researcher who investigated to understand what it means …

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Giveaway Best of Interior 2018 Book by Callwey

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A few weeks ago you might have seen on my stories feed on Instagram that I shared a few images from my last trend lecture given at the Best of Interior 2018 awards hosted by the German editorial Callwey. Apart from sharing a few trend insights, I was invited as a jury member (see the work here) of the Best of …

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Giveaway: Best of Interior 2018 Book

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Callwey' s Best Of Interior 2018 book is out. You might remember the past two years I had participated as a jury member together with Igor and Ricarda selecting the best blogger homes we considered should be featured. This year the concept has changed including architects and interior designer who submitted their work too, so did the jury, and you can …

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The Scandinavian Home – Win the book!

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The Scandinavian Design is famous for its distinctive style and so is My Scandinavian Home, the renown interior design blog run by Niki Brantmark who was inspired by her move to Sweden from London over then years ago. Niki has recently launched her second book The Scandinavian Home and since I was fortunate enough to meet her in real life a year …

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Protected: Giveaway: Sunkissed print by Hilde Mork

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Welcome back! Here goes some more info on the artwork you might want to read: PAPER SIZE: 50X 70 cm, unframed ARTWORK: Printed on 200 gr, Munken Polar, uncoated white paper, Svanemerket. The print is not a photography plot, it is printed. COLOR: CMYK (color print). Be aware that print colors and screen colors can be different due to the different screen calibration on your …

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