The flamboyant organic glasses by Helle Mardahl

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The flamboyant organic glasses by Helle Mardahl represent an ode to the artist’s childhood memories of her frequent visits to the fantastic candy shops in Copenhagen, when she used to dream of creating her own exclusive and sophisticated sweetshop. Copenhagen-based Helle Mardahl is an artist and designer whose work ranges from sculpture and painting to fashion and interior design and is marked …

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Venetian Murano Glass Art by Lilla Tabasso

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I had totally forgotten about Lilla Tabasso and her amazing Venetian Murano glass art when visiting the Off-Salone earlier this year. Browsing through my picture base the other day, I stumbled upon a few images I took back then. Her passion for nature, which was first awakened through her studies as a biologist, has been transferred to the refined technique of …

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