Barcelona Style: A facade made of a grid of camouflage tiles

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The Green Trend has become a Green Lifestyle. Looking at this building, the architecture creates the idea of being one with nature. A rectangular, architectural structure with a roof and walls perforated with green tiles, was partly build around this building. The house visually connects with its surroundings, but at the same time it creates a shelter for solitude on …

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The Growroom – food producing architecture

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We bet, there is no-one in the design world, who hasn't noticed the green living lifestyle, we do not call it a 'trend' anymore, the urban jungle communities grow and urban gardening and farming is more popular than ever. Just in September we were able to visit a book launch, of the Urban Jungle Bloggers  and in a few weeks only …

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Protected: Win a signed copy of the ‘URBAN JUNGLE’ book-For newsletter subscribers only

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Continue reading from the newsletter ... Both came up with the idea of choosing a green topic each month and interpreting it through plant styling on their respective blogs, Happy Interior Blog and It's been a huge success. The Urban Jungle Bloggers community today unites more than 1,200 plant enthusiasts and bloggers around the globe, from all over Europe, the United States, …

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IT’S TRENDING: 10 Examples of Green Walls

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I don't know why I haven't written earlier about green walls, even myself, I have started weeks ago to test different shades of green on my walls. It's time to make a round up on different tone proposals. Publishing this color trend a little later is has the advantage of finding lovely material on the net and confirm an interest …

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3 ways of integrating plants in your home decor

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We all know indoor gardening remains an ongoing theme in the design world but after all the hanging planters in macramé, concrete and leather, kokedamas and air plants we've seen for the past two years, let's explore today what's currently trending, and what's happening in people's homes? If I could sum it up in one word, it would be Jungle Islands. It's not about …

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Archaic Simplicity – Interior Design Trend Autumn/Winter 2017/18

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I've been working on Archaic Simplicity - Interior Design Trend Autumn/Winter 2017/18. This trend has taking me weeks until I had it right, and I know it's still going to evolve during the upcoming month. We're still going back to the roots. Archaic Simplicity is the response to fanatic lovers of the era of technology. The wording 'archaic' is marked by the characteristics …

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