Homely comfort in a rehabilitation center

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We have started seeing inspiring examples this year of how a clinical environment could look less anonymous and more comforting and how caregiving and design can go hand in hand. Adding surface design and color are two main ingredients to give more joy and personality to the architectural and design work, and thus benefit caregivers and patients. At Domstate Zorghotel, located in …

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Hack Care – A DIY style book for dementia-friendly homes

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The title in itself is already something; however, this is not a product made by IKEA , but it comes inspired by the Swedish lifestyle IKE offers. Hack Care - A DIY stylebook for dementia-friendly homes has been designed by Singapore’s philanthropic foundation Lien. You will find creative modifications that help people living with dementia facilitate their every day in their homes. Styled …

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7 Examples Of The Space Of Mind Trend

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This year's global staycation has invited us to enjoy shorter getaways in near surroundings or on our land plot. As a result, intimate getaways increase in small cabins that offer different functions; please see 7 examples of the Space Of Mind Trend (spatial design edition). Though used for working purposes and as a mini office in your garden to guarantee the …

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Plant-version novelty at IKEA’s in-store restaurant: The meatball goes green

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Did you know that IKEA counts for one of the world’s largest restaurant chains? Surprising yet logic. You might have heard though that Ikea sells each year more than a billion meatballs at its in-store restaurants. Few things are as synonymous with IKEA as the Swedish meatballs. Committed to going greener as a brand in all areas and be "climate positive" by …

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IT’S TRENDING: The Mushroom Universe (Free Ebook)

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We see mushrooms everywhere; it's a trending Mushroom Universe! Fungi’s kingdom has around 144,000 of known species of organism. It includes yeasts, rusts, smuts, mildews, molds, and mushrooms. We use them in several aspects of our life: medicine, consumption, and lately largely in design. Fungi are among the organisms most distributed on Earth, and they have an essential role in the …

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