Top 5: Best Of 2020

Color Universe 2020 Jotun Meditative State Of Mind | Eclectic Trends

As this special year comes to an end, please enjoy a round-up of highlights in which we revisit your most popular topics and pages. Color is still the main driver and has been now for a few years. I’m happy to see how much joy and influence color brings. In fact, in 2021, we are opening a […]

5 Heimtextil Trends 2020/21

5 Heimtextil Trends 2020/21 | Eclectic Trends

The name of this edition of Heintextil is “Where I belong“,  a somewhat complex statement in current times, is illustrated by 5 Heimtextil Trends 2020/21. Nowadays, people seem to have several layers of identities formed through the diverse and infinite experiences they live in, both in real life or online. Stijlinstituut Amsterdam, Franklin Till , and […]

5 Heimtextil Trends 2018

5 Heimtextil Trends 2018_Relax via Eclectic Trends

The following 5 Heimtextil Trends 2018 cover design and color directions and have been put together again by the Heimtextil Trend Table, taking a leading role this year Franklin Till Studio working with trend researchers from Denmark, Germany, France, Japan, the Netherlands and the USA. They get together in Spring during two days to discuss […]