Unmanned coffee shop concept by Nendo

Unmanned coffee shop by Nendo | Eclectic Trends

In this unmanned coffee shop, designed by Japanese studio nendo and located in the observation deck of Roppongi Hills, customers are asked to prepare the coffee themselves. Five kinds of roasted beans await in a vending machine that looks and acts like a capsule toy. The grinding process is automated (pic 4), and all you […]

Contemporary Feeling At Home – Il Palazzo Experimental

Hotel Il Palazzo Experimental Reception -Eclectic Trends

Il Palazzo Experimental is one of these hotel concepts you immediately feel drawn to if you are looking for a more personal y less standardized concept. Dorothee Meilichzon and her team took over an ancient house in Venice that was turned into Adriatica’s Headquarters (Naval Transport Company) until they closed. The overall look features a […]

Our Top 5 Findings This Week

Top 5 Reads This Week -Solange Knowles | Eclectic Trends

Welcome to a new series on Eclectic Trends! We get all the time the question of where we get our inspiration from. Our Top 5 Findings this week will give you some insights of a few internet readings we pick every two weeks, and you’ll see they’re not Interior Design related only. We hope you’ll find it […]

The surreal dream of a guesthouse in China by Studio 10

Eclectic Trends | The surreal dream of a guesthouse in China by Studio 10

This is why we want to share the surreal dream of The Other Place Guesthouse by Studio 10 in China:  1//In a nutshell: Let us welcome you to the surreal dream of  The Other Place Guesthouse by Studio 10 in China, where the impossible world of Alice in the Wonderland and M.C. Escher meet. Truly, no other name […]

An ode to tactility: the RYU Restaurant in Montreal

Eclectic Trends | Ode to tactility RYU Restaurant Montreal

Montréal-based studio Ménard Dworkin Architecture & design has completed RYU Restaurant, a Japanese eatery that is all about tactile experience. Located in the upscale Westmount neighborhood, the sushi bar design combines the attention to craftsmanship and materiality that is at the core of the studio. RYU Restaurant blends the most contemporary style with Japanese sensibility, creating a space defined […]

Daring color-blocked interiors by Appareil Architecture

Eclectic Trends | The daring color-blocked interiors of Pastel Rita Café by Appareil Architecture

This is why we’d like to share the daring color-blocked interiors of Pastel Rita Café by Appareil Architecture.  1// In a nutshell: Pastel Rita is a new café in the creative Mile-End neighborhood in Montreal, designed by Appareil Architecture, that combines the hospitality space with a boutique-shop and an artist workshop in a daring color-blocked […]