Contemporary Feeling At Home – Il Palazzo Experimental

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Il palazzo experimental is one of these hotel concepts you immediately feel drawn to if you are looking for a more personal y less standardized concept. Dorothee Meilichzon and her team took over an ancient house in Venice that was turned into Adriatica’s Headquarters (Naval Transport Company) until they closed. The overall look invites to a superb artisan Italian style and …

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The flavor of the French Revolution era in Paris

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This is why we'd like to share the flavor of the French Revolution era in the latest Parisian hotel: 1// In a nutshell: Erected during the French Revolution years, the Hotel des Grand Boulevards embodies all the elegance of the 18th century Paris. Experimental Group, an event consultancy from the collective behind the Experimental cocktail Club, called Dorothée Meilichzon of Chzon studio …

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An inspiring color palette: The Henrietta Hotel in London

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Being an interior enthusiast, you probably can relate to the fact, that visiting Salone del Mobile feels like a brand new recommencement. Surprisingly often and even months after visiting the Salone we stumble over references and inspiring details that were born in Milan only: The Parisian Designer of the Henrietta Hotel in London, Dorothee Meilichzon says about her very first …

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American Trade Hotel In Panama City

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I hardly ever write about hotels but his one caught my eye because I've been in Panama last year and loved the hospitality, and on the other side since publishing a trend report about wall hangings, I can't help but I always have a second look at any story that come with these gorgeous woven tapestries. Ah, and those tiles! American …

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