3 ways of integrating plants in your home decor

3 way of integrating plants in your home decor-Eclectic Trends

We all know indoor gardening remains an ongoing theme in the design world but after all the hanging planters in macramé, concrete and leather, kokedamas and air plants we’ve seen for the past two years, let’s explore today what’s currently trending, and what’s happening in people’s homes? If I could sum it up in one word, […]

DIY Leather Plant Tags

Hello again dear Eclectic Trend readers! So, we’re already in the middle of August, it’s Mette from Monsterscircus again and I hope you’re ready to see how to dress up your old planters and pots – ooh, plants are literally everywhere. Not only is it a great feeling to take a new plants home from the […]

One plant, three stylings

This is my take on the last Urban Jungle Bloggers challenge. The February theme is about getting creative and style 1 plant in 3 different ways showing how indoor plants can fit into any kind of interior styling. Igor and Judith are the two creative souls behind this project, watch out, today there will be some […]