Dyed Wooden Textiles by Elisa Strozyk

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We are  happy seeing grow our relatively new Textile category and can't wait to attend the next Première Vision show in Paris to bring you much more information on what is going on in this fascinating discipline. Dyed Wooden Textiles is a wonderful installment of German designer Elisa Strozyk  I had the privilege to see and touch at the Salone this year. …

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Innovative Textiles by Bori Kovács

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Bori Kovács is a product and conceptual designer from Budapest, Hungary, currently based in London. The need for haptic inexperience is an ongoing trend and end consumer crave for tactility. The spaces we inhabit invite to be full of tactility with the latest developments in the Interior Design field. © LISA KLAPPE Photography This innovative textiles project Please Do Touch is focused on the essence of textural …

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Biomimcs 2016/17 – An Innovative Interior Design Trend To Watch!

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There is much information about colors, textures and moods when we refer to any Interior Design Trend but rarely technology gets mentioned. It feels like nobody is really confortable with it, but truth is innovation is all around us and used in most of the design processes already. As always, nature continues to inspire and influence. Now we gain a deeper and …

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4 Heimtextil Textile Trends 2016-17

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I will not be able to attend the show this year but I'd love to share with you anyhow the 4  Heimtextil Textile Trends 2016-17 have been forecasted by an international trend table (more info at the end of the post) and hope it inspires you. Textiles are so important in the trend world since they hold artisan knowledge and innovation as …

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Wiktoria Szawiel fossilises landscapes within milky resin furniture

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For her Landscape Within project, Polish designer Wiktoria Szawiel set out to encapsulate the moods and materials of eastern European landscapes she grew up with in a rather innovative yet poetic way. The following is probably my favorite image here. Can't help but it looks like a sample board and reminds me of candy at the same time. I am currently working …

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3D Printing with One Yarn of Plastic by Studio plott

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I am officially starting a new series today which is all about textiles. During the short Winter pause I was reflecting on new content and since I am getting more involved in everything related to trend observing, today's textiles being a result from a range of influences, from consumer behavior to the global economy, is definitely an area I am getting …

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