A Black Home in Lyon

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Maison Hand is an interior design studio based in Lyon and founded 10 years ago by Pierre Emmanuel Martin and Stéphane Garotin. They run a boutique in the same city with the most amazing brands among theses many from Italy and Scandinavia which is just a genius interior combination if you ask me. This black home probably has been all white …

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Anna Marselius’ work

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I love this blog and her work. Stylist Anna Marselius has an excellent taste and I highly recommend you take a peak! This shooting was done for Swedish magazine RUM Hemma. The color palette is quiet unusual and that's why I love it: charcoal, green, burgundy and metals. Sublime! Who would have thought a year ago that burgundy would have a come back …

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Modern eclectic style in Manhattan

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It's no secret that I love a good eclectic style in the interior design world but not necessarily mixed with vintage pieces. These images are a good example of how to stick to a more contemporary look and still being eclectic with materials such as aged brass, etched glass and tarnished leather. Studio Apparatus based in Manhattan showcases lighting and objects …

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Chic interior design à l’italienne

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If you love a certain interior style you most probably develop an eye for its characteristics. I love the Italians. I admire all the interior design, fashion style and creativity they have in their DNA. That doesn't mean I'd live like this since you need the right architectural structure but I certainly love to see it. It breathes sophisticated colour …

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Italian Design: Dimore Studio Milan

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DimoreGallery is not merely a gallery: it is a home, a voyage, an experience, a dialogue between past and present. That is what the fantastic designer duo Emiliano Salci and Britt Moran state on their site. All the objects within the space have either been selected or created by the designers. Together with Studiopepe they are my favorite Italian designers right …

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A stunning stylish office space: The Danish Fashion and Textile Association Office

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Ever thought about a dream office to work at in the most stylish environment? Well, the Danish Fashion and Textile Association office will probably bring you very close. There might be a trend brought up by Danish culture. Their headquarters look more than a private apartment than a showroom or office itself. I guess by now you have all seen the …

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