4 Interior Design Trends 2018/19 by Finsa

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I am excited to share 4 Interior Design Trends 2018/19 by Finsa, and if you are on our newsletter list, you can win the printed version which comes in 5 individual booklets. It's open world-wide, and we are giving away five copies. But before we dive into these trends, let us introduce you to Spanish wooden manufacture Finsa: they are …

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19 insights on what is going to sell most in 2017/18

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Some platforms offer priceless information when it comes to focussing on real consumer interests. eporta works with over 6,000 trade buyers who check the web site to gain access to more than 1,000 suppliers worldwide. As a result, they benefit from an overview of what is going on in the world of interior design and today. Who wouldn't be interested …

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Finding evidence on 3 Interior Design Trends developed for BOEN

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Today I am going to share a clients' project with you where you can follow along  on how we worked from the trend research to the finished product. Now that the collections are on the market, I did some follow-up during my Milan visit finding evidence on the three interior design trends 2017/18 that were developed. I have been collaborating with …

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