Three Trend Signals On The Outdoor Design Horizon

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Those brands who have shared the experience say that retailers of furniture and home accessories saw unexpected results in the early days of the pandemic since people identified those corners and situations that needed to be improved while spending much time inside. Summer is now here and outdoor furniture has received more relevance since we stay at home.With staycation being the …

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How the research of our new trend report changed us

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Today we are thrilled to share the big news we have been working on for a long while. A new digital Trend Report is about to hit our digital library very soon. The new study covers a holistic approach to the well-being of individuals, reflected in product design and unique services inside and outside our home. CEREMONY has been on our …

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A review: Trend Talk & Food Design Event

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Since the Trend Talk & Food Design Event was a local event in Barcelona and many people asked if we would ever bring that program to another market, here goes a first review on this special edition we designed for the Barcelona Design Week 2019. The idea behind was to create a program where trend information could be directly translated into a …

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