Barcelona Style: La Ricarda

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This place is one the most well kept secrets in Barcelona. In 1949, the Gomis Bertrand family decided to contact the Catalan architect Antoni Bonet, who was living in Buenos Aires, to put him in charge of their summer and weekend home in an idyllic place next to the sea and surrounded by pines. Bonet was directing the works from a …

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The most amazing kitchen styling for Boffi’s kitchenology concept

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There is always be a first time for something. This is the first time I see a kitchen styling that was literally jaw-dropping. I couldn't believe when browsing through the entire catalog, the work and concept that has been created here, and I really went back and forth uncountable times. I never publish more than 6 pics in my posts and with …

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Urban Jungle Trend the Italian Way

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You all know by now how much I love Italian Design. This is with no doubt one of the most beautiful editorial shots I have ever seen. And it is no surprise that the photographer behind this production has been none other than Lorenzo Pennati. Let's call this shot the Urban Jungle Trend the Italian Way. Styling: Cristina Nava | Photography:  Lorenzo …

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Micro Trend: A New Geometrical Language

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Multiple designers are exploring new expressions of archetypal, geometric forms marked by a contemporary blend of the simple shapes and sometimes luxury finishings. A New Geometrical Language in small scale objects has emerged in the interior design world. I have written a new trend post for Norwegian company BOEN which I'd like to share with you today. The interesting part to …

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Tokyo Tribal Collection

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You rarely see me posting products only on this blog with the exception of my Ceramicist of the month column. But I really love this collection and its story behind. For me it belongs much more to the Arts&Crafts than Interior Design category. It is a furniture collection but fusing manufacturing and craftsmanship, and I believe the hand-woven bamboo elements …

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Sara N. Bergmann’s atelier

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  I am pretty sure you all know Love Warriors. Sara N Bergman is an illustrator and the creative brain behind the creative agency famous for their lace perforated buffalo horn. One day when wanting to put larger windows that would separate the studio from her shop, she searched for paned windows and the actual studio popped up. Upon visiting, she heard …

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