Alexander van Berge’s Interior Photography

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Lately I am searching for nice interiors on photographers portfolios and though I don't get hardly any information on their sites about the locations, it can get very inspiring. This is how I stumbled upon Alexander van Berge's photography. He started his own studio in 1988 in Amsterdam after a few years working as an assistant photographer and influenced and inspired by his …

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The Eclectic World of Bea Mombaers

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How amazing are these images? I love the artistic feel here in a neutral color palette where you spot so many details on every single picture. The World of Bea is a whole new discovery for me. Bea Mombaers runs an interior design shop called "Items" and a Bed & Breakfast in Knokke, Belgium. I don't know if ever will ever be …

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Anna Marselius’ work

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I love this blog and her work. Stylist Anna Marselius has an excellent taste and I highly recommend you take a peak! This shooting was done for Swedish magazine RUM Hemma. The color palette is quiet unusual and that's why I love it: charcoal, green, burgundy and metals. Sublime! Who would have thought a year ago that burgundy would have a come back …

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Modern eclectic style in Manhattan

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It's no secret that I love a good eclectic style in the interior design world but not necessarily mixed with vintage pieces. These images are a good example of how to stick to a more contemporary look and still being eclectic with materials such as aged brass, etched glass and tarnished leather. Studio Apparatus based in Manhattan showcases lighting and objects …

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Chic interior design à l’italienne

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If you love a certain interior style you most probably develop an eye for its characteristics. I love the Italians. I admire all the interior design, fashion style and creativity they have in their DNA. That doesn't mean I'd live like this since you need the right architectural structure but I certainly love to see it. It breathes sophisticated colour …

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48h Open House Barcelona – YÖK

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48h Open House Barcelona is one of the cities highlights. This year 170 facilities have opened to the public during 48 hours. I was looking for a different spot this time beside the amazing modernist monuments we have in town and discovered YÖK Casa+Cultura. You could say it's an eco-friendly place to stay but the focus goes beyond with an …

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