The potent style of Charlie Schuck for Bower

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This is why we’d like to share the potent style of Charlie Schuck’s work by for New York based furniture and product design studio Bower: 1// In a nutshell: Charlie Schuck’s work has long fascinated us for the potent look of his campaigns that seem to embody just the perfect style of the moment. His recent photographs for studio Bower newly launched web are …

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Alexander van Berge’s Interior Photography

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Lately I am searching for nice interiors on photographers portfolios and though I don't get hardly any information on their sites about the locations, it can get very inspiring. This is how I stumbled upon Alexander van Berge's photography. He started his own studio in 1988 in Amsterdam after a few years working as an assistant photographer and influenced and inspired by his …

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Bruno Suet Photography

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I use to post one home tour per week. But lately I don't find too much that really draws my attention, and I spend less time on the net, that's another reason. But I found this cool photographer and some really interesting images on his portfolio of different homes. And gardens. Bruno Suet is not just a very talented interior photographer but has …

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Claudio Tajoli’s interior photography

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There is not much I can tell you here besides I discovered Milan based photographer Claudio Tajoli and his portfolio through the first image on Pinterest. He gets to see some amazing locations, you should scroll through his work, it is amazing. Have a wonderful week start!

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