IT’S TRENDING: The Lab Style (Free Report)

Free PDF-It's Trending-The Lab Style

Why is clinical design in architecture, interior & product design so on-vogue leading us to a Lab Trend? Let’s put three relevant fields that deliver similar patterns under the microscope. But before we analyze the beauty, food and digital world, a few more words on common characteristics we see in this trend. The trend main […]

A circled office space for Bresic Whitney

Eclectic Trends | The imaginative interiors of Bresic Whitney by Chenchow Little

Bresic Whitney new interiors by Chenchow Little are probably the most imaginative workspace recently designed. Halfway between an industrial warehouse and a theater, this chic interior is actually a real estate agent’s office located in a heritage-listed building in Rosebery, Sidney. The design combines the raw rationalism of the industrial building with the elegance of […]

IT’S TRENDING: The ribbed surface

Eclectic Trends | The ribbed surface: the latest trend in interior design

The ribbed surface is the latest (micro-micro) trend in interior design, set to mark a higher dynamic appearance. It is, so to speak, an extension of the Tactility Trend and Circle Trend. We have been noticing for a while now how ribbed surfaces are carving themselves a space back into the interior design scene. May […]

IT’S TRENDING: 10 Examples of The Terrazzo Style


We already introduced the poetic mix and match of different marbles and other stones like quartz on a large-scale and here . Observed since beginning of this year, confirmed at the Salone del Mobile, today we would love to show you how Terrazzo made a successful entry into all kinds of interior disciplines, from table tops […]

6 examples of trending Tone-On-Tone styling by Junichi Ito, part III

6 examples of the trending Tone-On-Tone styling

This special gift edition for Vogue Japan was shot by Junichi Ito who is a photographer was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan. He moved to New York City in 2005 where he currently lives. These 6 examples of trending Tone-On-Tone styling add to the previous articles where we already featured this fascinating way of […]

It’s trending: 12 Examples of Beautiful Tone-On-Tone Palettes, part II

It's trending: 12 Examples of Tone-On-Tone Palettes via Eclectic Trends

Articles about color are a successful story on the blog and it seems that similar color palettes might add quite a bit to this success. Today we are back with 12 examples of beautiful tone-on-tone palettes. This look has one of the most simple recipes: one main color is used and mixed with graded hues within the […]