Total Look in Pink at Pâtisserie Nanan Wroclaw

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Do you remember a few weeks ago when we were talking on how trending the Total Look in Pink is right now?  Today we introduce you to the brand new pink Nanan pâtisserie, designed by Polish designers BUCK.STUDIO. The tiny space with a capacity of 14 guests invites to  colourful macarons, cakes, petite pralines, and their signature éclairs, all set in a dreamy …

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How to create a tone-on-tone color mood board? The Blue Series

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2017 is the year of the blue shades. Let's translate this trend into a tone-on-tone color mood board. Denim Drift has been declared Color of the Year 2017 by AkzoNobel, International Klein Blue is coming strong on several fashion shows, WGSN has opened a department only working the Denim Trend... No wonder my current mood is reflected in a tone-on-tone color mood board (and …

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Color Trend 2018: 10 examples of violet walls!

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It's official: Violet is coming strong! This is a Color Trend for 2018 (starting in 2017) and we want to show you 10 examples of Violet walls! After the huge success of our green walls article (+7K shares!!), we are back with a new wall color applied in several tones. Please note, we are showing a wider range covering purple (blue+red-warm) , violet …

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IT’S TRENDING: 9 Examples of The Total Look in Pink

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We are back with our It's Trending series, this time covering the Total Look in Pink. We’ve already talked about trending tone-on-tone stylings in Interior Design a few months ago. The trick is to stay just within one hue and make it a story with less contrast possible. There are several color proposals on the market but nothing beats the pink …

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IT’S TRENDING: 6 examples of trending Monochromatic Styling

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You probably wouldn't browse Eclectic Trends from time to time if style and photography wouldn't be one of your passions. Today we won’t point out only one significant stylist or photographer - but a theme we observe is really trending. Monochromatic styling and photography is popping up more and more. One of our last posts about Dietlind Wolf  has shown us …

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IT’S TRENDING: 9 Examples of beautiful Tone-On-Tone Palettes

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This is one of the most actual color trends to me in Interior Design. Tone-on-tone palettes simply features one main hue and then other graded tones within that scheme are added to match the color composition. You can work with different paint on your walls and complement with furniture, textiles and accessories. The trick is to stay just within one hue and …

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