IT’S TRENDING: 10 Examples of Green Walls

It's trending: 10 examples of Green Walls- Eclectic Trends

I don’t know why I haven’t written earlier about green walls, even myself, I have started weeks ago to test different shades of green on my walls. It’s time to make a round up on different tone proposals. Publishing this color trend a little later is has the advantage of finding lovely material on the […]

IT’S TRENDING: The Black House


It’s been confirmed again a couple of weeks ago at the IMM. Black wooden floors, black furniture, black walls and all over dark and moody interiors are most trending (again)! And that includes kitchen (have seen this kitchen related trend post?) and bathrooms. This home located in Morning Peninsula, Australia being one of Canny Architecture’s latest developments, is […]

3 ways of integrating plants in your home decor

3 way of integrating plants in your home decor-Eclectic Trends

We all know indoor gardening remains an ongoing theme in the design world but after all the hanging planters in macramé, concrete and leather, kokedamas and air plants we’ve seen for the past two years, let’s explore today what’s currently trending, and what’s happening in people’s homes? If I could sum it up in one word, […]

5 Top Kitchen Design Trends 2016

5 kitchen trends-furniture style cabinetry-Eclectic Trends

Good morning! I am back with a kitchen trends post I had been writing for a dear client which I’d love to share with you, too. When researching kitchen trends, you’ll be surprised how popular this topic is. One day I received overnight a massive fellowship on my kitchen board on Pinterest (1000 people in […]

When Interior Design Meets Fashion: Architectonic Design

I am back with a new post on the series When Interior Meets Fashion. Thanks to contemporary technologies, complex architectonic patterns have been integrated in today’s fashion industry. High quality of specifically textured fabrics help build complex structures, so let’s talk about Architectonic Design in both fields, interior design and fashion. In the interior design field however, getting […]

It’s trending: Sweet Tropicana

It's trending: Sweet Tropicana-Eclectic Trends

It’s trending is a series of ongoing trends we are having right now here. What are the news?The ongoing Jungle Trend goes Pastel. And 50s. Since all Interior Design Trends evolve in one way or the other, we can confirm in 2015, we are seeing the revival of the Sweet Tropicana vibe, highly influenced by fashion and somehow reminding us […]