Top 5: Best Of 2020

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As this special year comes to an end, please enjoy a round-up of highlights in which we revisit your most popular topics and pages. Color is still the main driver and has been now for a few years. I'm happy to see how much joy and influence color brings. In fact, in 2021, we are opening a new color chapter on Eclectic …

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4 Color Trends 2021 By Jotun

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Jotun's annual color palettes are one of the biggest hits here on Eclectic Trends, and the new palette of  4 color trends 2021 is very much in line with their color philosophy of warmth and timelessness the brand conveys. As in previous years, the creative duo Kråkvik and D’Orazio have been in charge of the styling session teaming up with photographer …

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3 Jotun Colors of the Year 2019: Calm, Refined and Raw

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It's the time of the year; the painting companies launch their color proposals for 2019. The 3 Jotun Colors of the Year 2019 are always long-awaited (see the very popular and still on-point 2018 Color Trends here) with a subtle yet enduring palette, tailor-made towards Northern style yet very global. The Jotun 2019 Colors have been chosen to create a new color …

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Color Inspiration No.22: Cocoa, Toffee, Bubble Gum, Celadon, and Corn

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It was only natural to get together Color Inspiration No.22 seeing all the brown and ochre shades popping up. Pink in any hue has become an omnipresent shade, and whether we intended to include it or not, had somehow to find its place too. We published earlier a brown/red combo which actually works very well too. Jotun | Woodpecker | Inès Longevial …

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Jotun Colors 2018 – Discover ‘Rhythm of Life’

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Color is a huge driver on this blog, after sharing with you the 4 Color Trends by Dulux a couple of weeks ago, today want to introduce you to the wonderful soft palette of Jotun Colors 2018. And though we have mentioned it already in our newsletter, we did not publish the news so far on the blog. We are beyond excited …

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