Bacteria patterns for the new lamps by Jan Klingler

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Bacteria are the creators of the abstract pattern of these led lamps designed by Jan Klingler. The designer was fascinated by the possible relation between industrial design and chemistry, whose combination has created some exciting projects recently. Through the help of microbiologist Volkan Özenci, Jan Klingler  was able to rationalize the process and create the “In the new light” lighting collection. The designer started …

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Barcelona Style: Lázaro Rosa-Violán teams up with Metalarte

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If you live in Barcelona and love Interior Design, you can't help but be familiar with Lázaro Rosa-Violan's work. Born in Tangier of Catalan parents and grandparents, he took sat in at classes in the Academy of Fine Arts at the age of eight. Painter by training, traveller by conviction and interior designer by instinct, he says he finds inspiration everywhere. Lázaro's work is to …

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Ana Kras’ Art Studio

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You probably know by now Ana Kras' Bonbon lamps though she takes photos, draws, weaves, builds and designs furniture too. What you might not have seen so far is her to (die for) work space. Is has it all: huge windows and lots of day light, an industrial feeling, antique lamps, wooden flooring, surrounded by nature (at least it looks like). Ah, …

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Trending lighting: Lindsey Adelman Studio

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Honestly what caught my eye here was not the lighting. Initially. But the ceramic ( might be a different material though) pieces on the wall. And then this armchair. The whole composition talks interior design in a way I love. And when researching the source (found on Pinterest), I stumbled upon Lindsey Adelman's site and fell for her light sculptures. This …

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BlogTourLA Lamps Plus | Sponsor

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We had so much fun! When walking into Lamps Plus' showroom (who is one of the sponsors of the Modenus BlogTour LA this year) and seeing hundreds and hundreds of lamps it was a little overwhelming to decide on which collection to focus on. They carry 60.000 lamps on their website and display a huge variety in their showroom too. Will had the …

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