The Chicest Doctor Office You’ve Seen To Date

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That's a bold title, but we are pretty sure you haven't come across a similar health care space. Recently, color and design play a larger role in patient care, and we see how a medical environment could look less anonymous and more inspiring or comforting. The medical industry is starting to see a long due makeover from hospitals, clinics, care …

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The sophisticated and sensual furniture by Dooq

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This is why we want you to introduce to the sophisticated furniture series by Portuguese brand Dooq: 1//In a nutshell: Dooq has as main focus to celebrate the luxury of living. “Playing games” is their recent collection and includes a small yet very sophisitctated coffee table and a side one. Both elements are made out of a balanced game of marbles and brass to create …

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Opulent meets minimal: The pool house

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This is why we’d like to share the sophisticated pool house designed by Belgian interior architect Arjaan De Feyter: 1// In a nutshell: What captured most our interest is the seamless blend of opulent red marble stone and a contrasting minimal interior design concept at the same time. The sophisticated pool house S-W is a collaboration between Belgian interior architect Arjaan De …

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Contemporary (Faux Marble) Ruins by Roberto Sironi

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I have been following Roberto Sironi's work for the last two years and he somehow always end up in one of my presentations a trend lectures. This year I was lucky enough to meet him at the Milan Design Week and hear a bit more about his current project crafted in faux marble in first person. His latest project Ruins for Carwan …

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How Minerals illuminate interiors: The Margot Molyneux Shop

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Natural stones give endless possibilities to illuminate interiors with essential colors! Looking back to one of our last posts on the personal research of Lost Marbles, we can see, that minerals have been used for centuries in interiors and exteriors. Additionally, there are apparently unlimited varieties of natural stones and this is why we would love to introduce this gorgeous store …

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Lost Marbles by Martina Maffini

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We are back from the Salone del Mobile working through the hundreds of images and still analyzing what we spotted during last week. I will explain you soon the kind of report we are working on, since this year the focus will be different to the 2016 review. Meanwhile, we'd like to introduce you today to Lost Marbles, a rather poetic …

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