3D modeling shaping yoga pods made of rattan

3d modeling software creates rattan yoga pods - Eclectic Trends

We are used to seeing 3D visualizations much more since the confinement forced designers to start building setups, prototypes, and public projects in a contactless moment. Anything related to handicraft work such as 3D modeling shaping yoga pods made of hardwood, rattan, and palm leaves, however, is still emerging. For the design of yoga brand […]

A set of headphones grown from bio-materials

A set of headphones grown from bio-materials |Eclectic Trends

In the endeavor of reducing the use of materials that are not environmentally friendly, Finnish studio Aivan in collaboration with scientists from VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland and Aalto University created a set of headphones grown from bio-materials.   //The technology and the headphones The headphones were named Korvaa. In the Finnish language, it has an anatomical […]

Black Friday: Free Ebook 6 Dimensions of Conscious Living

Free Ebook 6 Dimensions of Conscious Living and Well-Being-Eclectic Treends

The ebook 6 Dimensions of Conscious Living & Well-Being has been for a long time in our minds. When working on our Trend Report CEREMONY 2020/21  we analyzed different angles we believe are part of a more conscious living and well-being.  We’d like to offer during a time-limited period: this extensive digital ebook with +70 […]

The most asked questions about CEREMONY 2020/21

Trend Report Ceremony by Eclectic Trends

I have received a few questions during the current pre-sale of our latest Trend Report CEREMONY 2020/21. I figured it would be more useful to write an article than answer all questions individually. Here go the ones you had more interest in:   1. What exactly is CEREMONY2020/21?   The starting point of this digital Trend […]

Marije Vogelzang’s sensorial installation for Caesarstone

Today we want to show you Marije Vogelzang‘s sensorial installation for Caesarstone created for their 2019 Designer Program dedicated to the thoughtfulness of design, food production and consumption, and how it translates into human connection. Marije Vogelzang‘s installation debuted at the Interior Design Show (IDS) 2019 in Toronto. Entitled “Seeds”, it focused on the thoughtfulness […]