IT’S TRENDING: 6 examples of trending Monochromatic Styling

6 examples of trending monochromatic styling-Eclectic Trends

You probably wouldn’t browse Eclectic Trends from time to time if style and photography wouldn’t be one of your passions. Today we won’t point out only one significant stylist or photographer – but a theme we observe is really trending. Monochromatic styling and photography is popping up more and more. One of our last posts […]

Wonderful Styling and Photography by Dietlind Wolf

Styling and Photography by ©dietlindwolf for happiness magazine via Eclectic Trends

I couldn’t think of coming back from the summer leave with a nicer topic than this one. If you don’t know the outstanding Styling and Photography by Dietlind Wolf, it’s about time that we introduce you to one of the wolrd’s most talented stylists, photographers AND artists. If you are already familiar with her work, […]

IT’S TRENDING: 9 Examples of beautiful Tone-On-Tone Palettes

9 beautiful examples of tone-on-tone-paletes-Eclectic Trends

This is one of the most actual color trends to me in Interior Design. Tone-on-tone palettes simply features one main hue and then other graded tones within that scheme are added to match the color composition. You can work with different paint on your walls and complement with furniture, textiles and accessories. The trick is to stay […]