My February Mood Board

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This month I am playing on my mood board with a very specific color scheme and images. In the search for a new branding concept and no exact idea of what I wanted to display on the wall (on purpose), I found myself drawn to these images and they will help to define my color scheme. Images: Bungalow Classic, Norman Posselt, Taylor …

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My December Moodboard

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This month I have used my favorite moodboard technique for gathering the main elements I will be using for Christmas gift wrapping and see how they work all together. It's been interesting, when setting up this kind of 'collage', I realized I needed some more light and went for a extra dosis of pink:-) So this year, I'll use a bit …

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My November Mood Board

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Today I am not showing you the typical monthly mood board post but a few images from the life moodboarding session I was giving during our Define Your Signature Style Workshop in London a couple of weeks ago. There are some images you might have seen using me already but this entire color palette still sticks with me and will …

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Moodboarding Analysis – The Funnel Shape

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I thought it could be interesting to share a bit on the blog what I teach in my workshops targeted to professionals (apart from the online courses) who want to sell more with the help of a Moodboarding Analysis of their business. Through different techniques you can define your signature style which can be used for your brand image or blog. …

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Current inspiration

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Schiaparelli | Luis Puerta | Jody Rodac | Ursula Abresch I am heading to London today to impart our 'Define Your Signature Style' with my partner in crime Emily Quinton. It will be a full weekend of working on everybody's visual signature through photography classes and moodboarding exercises bringing our students to the next step in defining their very own visual signature …

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Moodboarding Workshop in Barcelona

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I just wanted to publish today a few images of our last Barcelona Workshops. This one is from last Friday, and we had just a very creative group with attendees from different parts in Spain who had private interests and a few corporate participants too. All are very creative and there is a wide arrange of professions from architects, interior designers …

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