My February Mood Board

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This month I am playing on my mood board with a very specific color scheme and images. In the search for a new branding concept and no exact idea of what I wanted to display on the wall (on purpose), I found myself drawn to these images and they will help to define my color scheme. Images: Bungalow Classic, Norman Posselt, Taylor …

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My January Moodboard

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It's not January anymore, and this is not my mood board this time and very worth sharing. I received a couple of days ago the sweetest email from Silkie who run Rosehip Paper in London. She has received my newsletter that same day and said she was really enjoying the content being " inspiring & motivating- thank you so much for sharing your …

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My December Moodboard

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This month I have used my favorite moodboard technique for gathering the main elements I will be using for Christmas gift wrapping and see how they work all together. It's been interesting, when setting up this kind of 'collage', I realized I needed some more light and went for a extra dosis of pink:-) So this year, I'll use a bit …

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My October Moodboard

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My October Moodboard is all inspired by the #itsamoody challenge, and I can't get enough of this colour palette. I am even thinking of changing the Eclectic Trends logo and adapt to darker tones getting away from the pastel mood. But apart from the IG fun, these are kind of my colours now, I don't see them seasonal and feel …

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