The Biggest Hits 2019 On Eclectic Trends

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Once the year has ended, it's interesting to analyze the biggest hits 2019 on the blog. These are the five posts you liked best and they all have two characteristics in common: you love trends and color! Here goes a quick recap in case you've missed any of these: No. 1 - 4 Colour Trends 2019 Dulux Australia   Continue reading...   No.2 - 3 Jotun Colors Of …

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My October Moodboard

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My October Moodboard is all inspired by the #itsamoody challenge, and I can't get enough of this colour palette. I am even thinking of changing the Eclectic Trends logo and adapt to darker tones getting away from the pastel mood. But apart from the IG fun, these are kind of my colours now, I don't see them seasonal and feel …

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My September Moodboard

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Back to monthly mood boarding after the August. This series is one of the themes I like best. First, because they get me work with my hands. Then researching beautiful imagery and finding out where my mood goes to this time is just really nice. The advantage here is I just go with the flow whereas when working for clients mood boards have …

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My July Moodboard

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This is the first time I am showing you a mood board from my ceramics workshop. I have been working on the look&feel of White Atelier, the label under which I will launch a little ceramics collection later this year. My key words here I have worked with are black&white and gold when it comes to colors, nature then and textures …

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Tuesday Crush Mood Board

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I will work a bit more on digital collages (have you seen the post about the moodboarding classes and workshop from last week?) putting my favorite images together I have found during the week. The starting point here was Tilda Swinton. I don't think there is any actress where photographers and stylists have more freedom to work with. See the …

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My March Moodboard and some great news

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It felt like I did my February moodboard 2 weeks ago and I really wasn't too much into changing it. I really like it. But this monthly feature is one of my favorites on the blog and I just decided to work on a more ' progressed' theme with February as a starting point. So, March is less romantic, there is …

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