My March Moodboard and some great news

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It felt like I did my February moodboard 2 weeks ago and I really wasn't too much into changing it. I really like it. But this monthly feature is one of my favorites on the blog and I just decided to work on a more ' progressed' theme with February as a starting point. So, March is less romantic, there is …

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My February Moodboard

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My Feburary Moodboard is about blooming, greenery, textures, nature, some romanticism and even structure. It pretty much sums up my life right now :-) So this month' moodboard is digital and not tactile as I use to do them. The reason is a full agenda, and I wanted to try out a different technique and lay out. February has been very green …

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My January Moodboard

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Hello friends! How are you? I hope you had a great kick off this year! I have spent a lot of time with friends these days and are truly grateful for it. I missed hanging with them, just having fun and eat a lot. Since everybody talks about lists and proposals for the new year these days, let me just tell …

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My December Moodboard

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This time I have managed to publish my moodboard in the fist days of the month! It's been an easy choice of colors and look&feel this time. I have started beginning this week with my Christmas decoration home (will show you tomorrow), and it has been all the way around this time: first I worked on the project, then I translated …

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My November Moodboard

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November mood: I am working with moody images this season, taking over a certain atmosphere from last month mood board. There is still some blue but I felt like teal would fit in nice and came inspired back from my forest trip last week integrating some green too. This would be the color palette for November: wood - moody blue - …

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My color trends 2015/16 for Global Color Research: DUSKY BERRY

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I am happy to be able to publish all images and mood boards I presented last Saturday (this is a digital version though) at Global Color Research for their trend report Mix Trends 2015/16. It has been an interesting task since these colors and moods little have to do with me, specially when it comes to the 2nd part. But …

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