A classy (somehow moody) loft in Soho, New York

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Did your heart just skipped a beat when seeing these images? High ceilings and large windows. And how about this wooden flooring? That's the perfect frame, now you still decide what to do with it. This  loft is located in the heart of Soho, New York and was built in the 1860s. When a family with children moved into this large …

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Dusky and moody interiors with Dimore Studio

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"Dimore Studio was founded by Emiliano Salci and Britt Moran out of an explicit need to create a more sophisticated identity, primarily for those wishing to distinguish themselves by crossing over boundaries momentarily en vogue." Based in Milano, they collaborate within both the fashion and furniture fields with a lovely coexistence one can appreciate on these images. Interior Design in its …

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Vive la Différence – a styling essay

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You might know by now how much I love a styling challenge. When lovely Tina from Colour Living asked my to participate in her Vive la Différence series, I couldn't help but thinking moody again. She gives you a list of different themes where you can choose the one you relate most to with different objects to include. The interpretation is up to …

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My January Moodboard

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Hello friends! How are you? I hope you had a great kick off this year! I have spent a lot of time with friends these days and are truly grateful for it. I missed hanging with them, just having fun and eat a lot. Since everybody talks about lists and proposals for the new year these days, let me just tell …

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A styling exercise

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I have been taking Holly Becker's course Styling & Intention. The community is always uplifting and the learnings are very worth signing up even when you have been part of it already several times. Plus, these courses make you move. This time, Holly came up with a very interesting exercise at the end of the course I'd like to share. …

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Moody colors for a renovated home

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This was a former military garage located on the east coast of Gotland, Sweden. A Swedish family living in Stockholm were looking for a holiday home to spend their summers, and most probably had the right intuition guessing all the hidden potential that space would offer. They renovated the abandoned building using raw materials and a lovely color palette that …

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