Unmanned coffee shop concept by Nendo

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In this unmanned coffee shop, designed by Japanese studio nendo and located in the observation deck of Roppongi Hills, customers are asked to prepare the coffee themselves. Five kinds of roasted beans await in a vending machine that looks and acts like a capsule toy. The grinding process is automated (pic 4), and all you have to do is start …

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4 Top Installations of the Milan Design Week 2017

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I have been sharing with you for the past years my favorite installations, being always a highlight of the Milan Design Week. This year we have published already a couple of videos and would like to publish a new sum-up of the 4 Top Installations of the Milan Design Week 2017. These are 4 installations and areas you should not miss when …

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Tokyo Tribal Collection

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You rarely see me posting products only on this blog with the exception of my Ceramicist of the month column. But I really love this collection and its story behind. For me it belongs much more to the Arts&Crafts than Interior Design category. It is a furniture collection but fusing manufacturing and craftsmanship, and I believe the hand-woven bamboo elements …

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Stockholm Furniture Fair: Installation and lounge by Nendo

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Mr. Oki Sato, chief designer and founder of Nendo┬áDesign Studio was the guest of honor this year at the Stockholm Furniture Fair and has produced an installation creating the illusion of snow-capped mountain peaks soaring into the sky. "We' ve laser cut more than 100 plastic foam sheets and transformed them into this landscape that expresses how the design process …

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