The Timeless Botanica project by Formafantasma

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Botanica series by duo Formafantasma is a great example how much timeless a design concept can be and still be relevant a few years later. With this project, that dates back to 2016, Formafantasma wanted to offer a new perspective on plastic materials and investigate how objects could be if our current oil-based era never took place.  As the concern for the …

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Zuza Mengham translates scent into new sensory forms

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London based artist and designer Zuza Mengham explores the fine boundaries of crafts and research of new materials and technologies. Her long term project of resin sculptures is among my favorite projects I have seen lately on the net when it comes to building up new and stunning brand communications. In a nutshell, Zuza Mengham translates scent into new sensory forms. A series of …

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