IT’S TRENDING: The Mushroom Universe (Free Ebook)

Free Report-It's Trending-The Mushroom Universe-Eclectic Trends

We see mushrooms everywhere; it’s a trending Mushroom Universe! Fungi’s kingdom has around 144,000 of known species of organism. It includes yeasts, rusts, smuts, mildews, molds, and mushrooms. We use them in several aspects of our life: medicine, consumption, and lately largely in design. Fungi are among the organisms most distributed on Earth, and they […]

Parachute Recycling By Layer Design x RAEBURN

New recycled materials by Layer Design | Eclectic Trends

We started a while ago our series “The Stuff That Matters” and are fully committed in 2020 to shed a light on new materials (like today’s parachute recycling project), sustainable production processes, mindful, and ethical design. Layer Design under the direction of Sebastian Humbert has teamed up with fashion brand RÆBURN for a new project […]

The Timeless Botanica project by Formafantasma

Eclectic Trends | The Timeless Botanica project by Formafantasma

Botanica series by duo Formafantasma is a great example how much timeless a design concept can be and still be relevant a few years later. With this project, that dates back to 2016, Formafantasma wanted to offer a new perspective on plastic materials and investigate how objects could be if our current oil-based era never took […]