Homework’s studio space in Copenhagen

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With our eyes glues on finding inspiration for our home offices, Homework's studio and showroom come in like a fresh breeze. Though the space is by far much larger than any regular home office, it still gives information on color and space we could use in smaller spaces. Homework is a graphic design studio and creative consultancy specializing in visual identity, …

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The multifunctional Ideas lab by Shangai-based X+Living

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Today, we want to introduce to the multifunctional Powerlong Ideas lab designed by Shangai-based X+Living office. This project, that includes a commercial space, as well as research areas and offices for the Powerlong group, wants to encapsulate the 21st Industrial Revolution. With the advent and popularity of computers, the invisible Information Age deduced and changed the humanity and commercial mode of this …

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A circled office space for Bresic Whitney

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Bresic Whitney new interiors by Chenchow Little are probably the most imaginative workspace recently designed. Halfway between an industrial warehouse and a theater, this chic interior is actually a real estate agent’s office located in a heritage-listed building in Rosebery, Sidney. The design combines the raw rationalism of the industrial building with the elegance of last century interiors and proposes a …

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