Meet ceramicist of the month Jongjin Park

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The outstanding work of our ceramicist of the month Jongjin Park, who is originally from Korea, will be shown at the London Art Fair from the 18. to 22. of January, where he will be represented by the Cynthia Corbett Gallery. His ceramics are pieces of art, sculptures, that by a closer look only show the scope and potential of ceramics. At …

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A Creative Life for Heart Home Magazine

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I have been featured in the September issue of The Heart Home Magazine with a really nice feature (starting page 27). I am very pleased with the outcome and would like to give you a little glimpse of what I do when in Barcelona and not sitting behind a screen. I am working in my ceramics space with other ceramicists and experiment, …

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Just a little update on my ceramics project

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Hi friends! Here goes a little update on what I am doing at the ceramics workspace now. Since I am having some technical issues with my collection and not too much time to test and experiment and test all over again ( it takes one week with all the drying process and firing, glazing and firing then again), I am …

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