What do bloggers collect? An Instagram shout out

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This post comes out of a simple question I asked on Instagram when uploading a picture about two mugs. The question was: What do you collect? Since there were such nice comments popping in (at the end social media is all about interacting, isn't it?), I thought about publishing a common post with several bloggers who wanted to take part …

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Mixed photography technique by Sandra Kantanen

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Sandra Kantanen is a photographer based in Helsinki, Finland using a very unique technique by printing her photographs with similar pigments found in acrylic paints on aluminum plates, then finishing the pieces with varnish. She sweeps the wet prints with a brushes to leave visceral brush strokes and paint lines creating distortion, blurring, or streaking, some of which recall the results …

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Please meet photographer Julia Hetta

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I have stumbled about photographer Julia Hetta when discovering The Red List site. I don't think there is any better out there when it comes to representing excellent visual art work as a whole (if so or similar, I'd appreciate your comments).  Have you seen the triangle composition she works with? I always teach this technique at my visual merchandising …

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When fashion and interior merge

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I have been so inspired by this fashion shoot, I just wanted to share those wintry pictures here even there is a strong fashion back ground. Still, the dramatic colors, environment (amazing chalk board) and textures for me are the perfect eclectic trend. I always try to get information from different disciplines and very much like photographer and director Carl Bengsston who is in charge …

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Hannah Lemholt for Love Warriors // and a new online shop

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I have been following Hannah's work for quite some time browsing hours through her blog. She says she has been living 30 years before starting to do photography and looking at her images, that's hard to believe. It looks like she hasn't been doing anything different her whole life. I am glad though she discovered her talent and we can …

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Interior Styling and Photography in Pastels

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I guess after having written the colour trend post last week after Imm Cologne 13, I seek for colour everywhere. And let me tell you, I do not like pastels. I do an exception with mint and ice blue. And I do like them one by one but all together has never been my favorite colour combo. BUT: the funny thing …

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