Giveaway Plant Tribe Book

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We will probably spend much time indoors now, why not fact-checking how we can enhance our lives with our green buddies? It's the perfect timing for this giveaway of the Plant Tribe Book, or should we say self-care guide? Because this is what at the end very much this book is about. Igor Josifovic and Judith Joelix, creators of @urbanjungleblog and …

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A new challenge for the Urban Jungle Bloggers: Plants & Flowers

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Igor and Judith from the Urban Jungle Bloggers had asked for an easy task this time. Getting flowers and plants together sounds like therapy, and I just had taken a few pics for our collective exhibit in Barcelona when presenting my WhiteAtelierCeramics collection. It's been huge success, so many people came by :) Joining in just makes a lot of sense …

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The green home of Antonio Sciortino

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This is home of House Antonino Sciortino, a Milan-based artist and former dancer who expresses his creativity in his iron works though he looks like an all-round creative soul to me observing the images below. He was born in Palermo in 1962. At the age of eight, he began to forge in his father's shop smaller objects with pieces of soft wire …

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DIY Leather Plant Tags

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Hello again dear Eclectic Trend readers! So, we’re already in the middle of August, it's Mette from Monsterscircus again and I hope you’re ready to see how to dress up your old planters and pots – ooh, plants are literally everywhere. Not only is it a great feeling to take a new plants home from the market or the local Gartner …

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How to dress up your plants

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This month The Urban Jungle Bloggers invite to focus on a very important element when it comes to houseplants: the plant pots. Igor and Judith want to share within their series how you can visually highlight your plant, fit into your interior design, style up spaces and make a real statement. So, this is my take of my little garden. Plants …

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