3D modeling shaping yoga pods made of rattan

3d modeling software creates rattan yoga pods - Eclectic Trends

We are used to seeing 3D visualizations much more since the confinement forced designers to start building setups, prototypes, and public projects in a contactless moment. Anything related to handicraft work such as 3D modeling shaping yoga pods made of hardwood, rattan, and palm leaves, however, is still emerging. For the design of yoga brand […]

IT’S TRENDING: The Rattan Universe (Free Report)

Free PDF-It's Trending-The Rattan Universe-Eclectic Trends

Rattan has been popping up as a material in interior and design project for some time but the contemporary rattan vibe has utterly exploded now. We simply see it everywhere. Either applied as a decorative embellishment to furniture or using an almost “total look” effect, rattan is part of our everyday aesthetic scenario these days. May reasons lay […]