IKEA: Recycled Denim Cover Give Klippan Sofa New Life

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We are happy to see that IKEA continues to inspire and to present innovative projects reducing waste. On this occasion, IKEA and MUD Jeans, a¬†Dutch denim company, have teamed up to give recycled denim a new life by using it to develop KLIPPAN sofa covers sold in 9 European markets.       According to Piotr Jakubiak, Deployment Leader at New Business and Innovation …

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Studio Bentu creates chargers from recycled waste

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Chinese studio Bentu has recently released the sleek X10 wireless chargers made of recycled materials. The colorful mixture of reclaimed cement waste and quartz stone aggregate leftovers make possible for the digital device to go back into the environment and not become just another piece in the landfill. Their material research brought studio Bentu to focus on terrazzo, the composite material …

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