A Mood Board Masterclass for Architects and Interior Designers

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I do not offer specialized classes on moodboarding for specific professions because I love to see creative professionals joining in from all kinds of disciplines; different projects nurture the group too and open new dialogues. The mix during the workshop is always great. But if the proposal is interesting and I can add value, I might craft tailor-made programs as …

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Review: Mood Board Masterclass September 2018

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I haven't shared a post on our workshops in a long time. The instant stories option on Instagram is kind of replacing events and workshops right now, but we got really cool mood boards and I'd like to share a few with you today of our Mood Board Masterclass September 2018. (For our Spanish readers: la última clase tiene lugar …

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Barcelona Design Week 2018: A Trend Lecture Review

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This is the second year in a row I am taking part in the Barcelona Design Week city program. Here goes a review and some impressions of that morning surrounded by creatives who attended the Trend Lecture SS19. I am always very pleased with how versatile the audience is welcoming experts from textile design, visual merchandising, retail owners (furniture & decoration), illustration, …

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